Ministry Partners

Hope of the Nations

Harold and Coni Knepper founded Hope of the Nations ( in 2007, but the non-profit has grown much larger than just the two of them. Today HofN employs 50 nationals who carry on the ministry. Their objective is to be able to raise up national staff who see Jesus as the main need in this and every nation. Their goal is to make disciples who make disciples — that’s what Jesus told us to do in Matthew 28:19-20. Ultimately it is the only hope any nation has. HofN's mission is: “To bring hope to the nations through the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.” (Matt. 12:21)

Hope of the Nations provides programs in education, outreach, kids clubs, and micro-businesses. Please click the link above to learn more about their ministries and how you can partner with them as well.


Upendo wa Mama

A ministry of the Mongers (Tim and Rachel) in Mwanza, Tanzania (, Upendo wa Mama (Mama's Love - is a group of mothers in Mwanza who either have albinism or have children with albinism. Life for many mothers who have children with albinism can be one of fear and rejection. Often rejected by husbands and/or by their family or village, many struggle to provide for themselves and their children and live in fear for the lives of their children. The group meets together multiple times each week to support and encourage one another, to work on income-generating projects, and to read the Bible and pray together.