More Information and FAQs

How We Started and Where We Are Going:

Tentmakers Together started in one of the poorest and most remote areas of Tanzania, where economic opportunities are extremely limited for most of the population. We began by partnering with a trusted church to make handmade cards and soon expanded to other partners and products. Our goal is to use Tentmakers Together to help open doors for the gospel all over the world, including closed countries.

When you buy the products on our website, you help provide economic opportunities for artisans so they can provide food for their families, education for their kids, support for their churches and communities, and engage in evangelism and church planting among the lost.


How do the workers we partner with get paid for the work they do? We pay artisans for the products they make when they make them. We don’t wait until he products are sold to send the money back. We pay them immediately because they have a business to run, a family to feed, and more work to do.

What about missionaries and missions partners? We couldn’t do our work without our partners who have laid so much of the groundwork for so many years. We’ve witnessed firsthand the work that missionaries do in the areas of training and discipleship, and we rely on those partnerships and relationships for much of what we do.

Are we interested in adding new partners? Yes! Please contact us at to see how we might be able to work together.

What are we looking for in partners? We highly value people and organizations that focus on building relationships and doing deep discipleship with those they work with. We also want to work with organizations that use methodologies that honor and respect the dignity of every person as part of God’s creation. Practically speaking, this means that theology matters, and both the work that is done and the way that we engage people should glorify God.

Where are we willing to partner? Our goal is to use Tentmakers Together to open doors for our brothers and sisters even in closed countries. We are working to build a network of churches and retailers who will commit to supporting new ventures in closed countries by providing a marketplace for missions-oriented goods from around the world.